Advanced Analytics For Management Consulting

Course Code
TO 414
3 hours
  • Fall 18
  • Fall 19
  • Fall 20
  • Winter 18
  • Winter 19
  • Winter 20
TO 301 Prerequisite, or Preceded or Accompanied by 557

Advanced Analytics For Management Consulting --- The course teaches how to apply advanced data analytics to solve complex business problems. Students that wish to follow a career in management consulting will need deep skills in processes, methodologies and tools used to transform the large amount of business data available ("Big Data") into useful information and support business decision making. This course will help prepare students for a career in management consulting by teaching how to model and manage business decisions with advanced data analytics and decision models. Specifically, the course will cover descriptive analytics (e.g., data visualization, query, data slicing), predictive analytics (e.g., forecasting, classification, simulation), and prescriptive analytics (e.g., optimization); all using real life case contexts and datasets. The course will focus on extracting actionable business intelligence by analyzing traditional business data as well as more recently available datasets such as social media, crowdsourcing and recommendation systems. As this is an applied course, the focus is on application of various statistical and analytical tools and the student is assumed to be familiar with basic statistics and working with spreadsheet application (e.g. MS-Excel).

Taught By
Sanjeev Kumar
  • LEO Lecturer I of Technology and Operations