Business Application Development with Visual Basic for Excel

Course Code
TO 515
2.25 hours
  • Winter 23 (B)
GMBA or FTMBA or EveMBA or MAcc or MSCM or MBAN or MM or (preceded or accompanied by TO 701 or MFG 501)

Business Application Development with Visual Basic for Excel --- This course demonstrates how to use VBA in Excel to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, generate interactive reports, manipulate charts, filter databases, and run solver. Examples of specific decision support applications, such as product mix and portfolio optimization are presented. Students will develop advanced technical skills with Visual Basic for Excel, and learn how to utilize VBA to create efficient and user friendly business applications. Specifically, students will learn how to enhance applications created in Excel with customized dialog boxes, user defined functions, event-handling procedures, customized toolbars, and more. The course also introduces general programming concepts such as the use of Variables, If statements, Loops, and assignment statements.

Taught By
Mehmet Begen
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Technology and Operations
Mehmet A. Begen is an associate professor of management science in the Ivey Business School at the Western University. Besides Ivey, he is cross-...