Business to Business and Industrial Marketing

Course Code
MKT 314

3 hours
BA 200 or BusAd Minor or cappo (MRST) or non-Ross Junior or Senior

Business to Business and Industrial Marketing --- This course introduces students to the challenges and complexities of business to business and industrial marketing. While many students are familiar with consumer marketing, few have an opportunity to understand foundational marketing principles applied in business to business contexts. Business to business transactions often require selling across multiple organizational levels and across departments to the complex and sophisticated decision making unit employing a more involved decision making process. The course framework and analytical tools will allow students to assess the complex and changing context of business to business marketing in a global economy, and apply course knowledge to synthesize strategic and tactical solutions that deliver value for business customers, stakeholders, and their own firms. The following business sectors are studied: industrial technology, software, eCommerce, chemical transportation, shipping, and agribusiness.