Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Course Code
TO 450

3 hours
BBA Junior or Senior Standing or BusAd Minor or (Non-Ross Junior or Senior) or (BBA Sophomore and TO 301)

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization --- Data Visualization and Business Intelligence (Bl) tools enable us to identify important patterns in large data sets, and then communicate those patterns and resulting managerial insights in a persuasive way for effective decision making. This course teaches students how to explore, analyze and visualize multi-dimensional datasets in a variety of business contexts, as well as how to communicate the findings. The course demonstrates best practices for data visualization, common mistakes and pitfalls that should be avoided, and teaches students how to ask the right questions that can lead to significant business insights. Many of the sessions will involve hands on work using popular tools for data exploration and visualization. Students will work with real data sets and present their visuals to peers for practice, feedback and improvement.