Business Law and Ethics

Course Code
BL 533

2.25 hours
OMBA or Evening MBA

Business Law and Ethics --- This course focuses on the role of law and ethics in leadership development and organizational success. The course has two main goals. The first goal is to develop legally savvy leaders who are able to accelerate career success by understanding the legal aspects of their responsibilities. The second goal is to show how organizations can achieve competitive advantage by reducing legal and reputational risks in a manner consistent with personal and organizational values and using the law responsibly to create economic value. The course opens with modules providing an overview of the legal framework for management decision making and on two foundation areas of the law relating to business-contracts and torts. It then continues with modules on the law of managing human capital. This set of modules explicitly will address the types of ethical tensions observed throughout the first part of the course, the importance of organizational culture, and how to give voice to ethical values. The course ends with coverage of intellectual property (IP), including trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. This material illustrates how law fosters the creation, protection, and strategic management of intellectual property rights to create value for the organization.