Commercialization of Biomedicine

Course Code
ES 720

1.5 hours
[(FIN 503, 513, 551, 591 or waiver) and (MKT 501, 503, 591 or waiver) and (STRATEGY 502, 601, 591, or waiver)] or [Pharm Grad or Pharm PhD or Biomed Eng Grad or Biomed Eng PhD or Bio PhD or Chem PhD or Physics PhD or MPH or Pub Health PhD)]

Commercialization of Biomedicine --- This interdisciplinary course introduces graduate students to the key issues faced by companies attempting to bring science and technology innovations in biomedical therapeutics, devices, and diagnostics to market. Because the details of doing this change, the course will present not just current practices but also the rationales behind those practices and more general, analytic frameworks that students will be able to use when specific industry conditions change. Issues include understanding and reaching biomedical markets, regulation, financing, risk, organizational configurations, and alliances. Students will understand the various ways commercialization is done and the reasons why it is done those ways.