Comprehensive Health Care Strategies

Course Code
BA 523

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing

Comprehensive Health Care Strategies --- This course provides a data-driven, rapid-fire, comprehensive survey of health care issues and strategy as seen from the varying perspectives of the industry's primary stakeholders: patients, physicians, other caregivers, health system executives, employers and managed care companies, policymakers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other vendors. The course begins with the core physician-patient transaction and from this underlying relationship builds a model of health care delivery and financing around which these varying perspectives are framed. For example, we will examine the strategies followed by these different players vis-a-vis a costly new medical technology, such as a cochlear implant or sepsis medication. The course includes brief historical accounts from stakeholders' perspectives, but focuses on today's pressing challenges and future opportunities, including technology and globalization. Much of the course is based on cases and readings, and it includes several industry speakers.