Consumer Behavior

Course Code
MKT 713

1.5 hours
(OMBA or Evening MBA) and (No credit in MKT 313 or 613)

Consumer Behavior --- Professionals across a broad range of careers - spanning marketing, consulting, user experience, medicine, law, and policy - are often confronted with puzzling challenges related to consumer behavior. Why on earth do most people pick option A when option B is obviously in their best interest? Why do they "remember" that we said X when we clearly said Y? Why do different consumers view the same product in wildly different ways? This course will equip you with a toolkit for bringing a fresh perspective to consumer behavior puzzles, based on an in-depth understanding of how people perceive information and experiences, where they focus their attention, how they form memories, and how they make decisions. Throughout the course, you will develop these skills through 1) exposure to countless examples and illustrations from the realm of marketing, advertising, and behavioral economics and 2) trying your hand at applying course concepts to a wide range of novel consumer behavior problems.