Corporate Financing Decisions

Course Code
FIN 317
3 hours
  • Fall 20
  • Fall 21
FIN 300 or 302

Corporate Financing Decisions --- This course develops the conceptual foundation for making corporate financing decisions. Capital structure theory is explained in detail with an in-depth analysis of market imperfections such as taxes, cost of financial distress, agency and informational issues. The next portion of the course covers different securities used to raise external capital with an emphasis on the institutional aspects of acquiring capital (Initial public offerings, seasoned equity offerings, public debt, convertible debt, private equity & venture capital). The causes and effects of financial distress and the bankruptcy process are explained. Payout policy and different payout strategies (dividends versus stock repurchase) are discussed. The course ends with a brief discussion of risk management. Throughout the course, financial theory will be integrated with the use of specific case studies.