Developing and Managing High Performing Teams

Course Code
MO 617

1.5 hours
Graduate Standing

Developing and Managing High Performing Teams --- Not surprisingly, people who are able to create high performing teams get better results at work and are more likely to get promoted. The most effective team leaders understand that their job is not to do the work of the team, but rather to design a team environment that enables the team to do its best work. This course is designed to provide you with perspectives and skills that will help you create high performing teams. Specific course topics include: Foundations of high performing teams; motivating teams, decision-making in teams; creating X-Teams (a type of team that typically gets better results than ?regular? teams), managing team conflict and creativity; avoiding dysfunctional team dynamics; managing diverse teams; leading virtual teams; and understanding the characteristics of high-performing team leaders. The most effective team leaders understand their leadership style and how this affects team performance. Therefore, you will complete a self-assessment of your leadership style and receive feedback from 5 other people on your style as well. The course assignments include an individual paper in which you discuss what actions you will take to become a more effective team leader, as well as a team project in which you observe a team in action, identify the team?s best practices and areas for improvement, and present your assessment to the class in a creative way.