Course Code
4 - 8 hours
  • Fall 20
  • Fall 21
  • Spring 20
  • Spring 21
  • Spring/Summer 20
  • Spring/Summer 21
  • Summer 20
  • Summer 21
  • Winter 20
  • Winter 21

Diss-Cand --- Dissertation research at the candidacy stage.

Taught By
James Westphal
  • Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Strategy
  • Co-Director of ICOS
Jim conducts research in the areas of strategic management and organizational theory, with a focus on social and psychological processes in corporate...
Jordan Siegel
  • Professor of Strategy
  • Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Jordan Siegel is a Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Professor Siegel is also a Research Fellow at the...
Michael Jensen
  • Professor of Strategy
My research focuses on the role of social structures in markets. I view markets as social structures that encompass social networks and cognitive...
Derek Harmon
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
My research program is broadly concerned with how organizations manage relationships with market actors. These relationships have become more...
Felipe Csaszar
  • Associate Professor of Strategy
Felipe Csaszar is an associate professor of strategy at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. His research focuses on how...