Entrepreneurial Business Basics

Course Code
ES 212
3 hours
  • Fall 18
  • Fall 19
  • Winter 18
  • Winter 19
  • Winter 20
Entrepreneurial Business Basics --- This business basics course covers how to make a product or service idea real in the form of a tangible, marketable product and an organization that can produce and distribute it. Topic areas covered include: motivation and social purpose of entrepreneurship, market research and product development activities, people resource management, capital resources management, and go-to-market management.

Seats in this course are reserved exclusively for non-BBA undergraduate students.

Taught By
Erik Gordon
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
Professor Gordon's areas of interest are entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, venture capital, private equity, mergers and...
Jim Price
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Studies
Jim Price is a serial entrepreneur, business educator, writer and speaker. For nearly three decades, he has launched and led multiple tech-enabled...
Mike Johnson
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Dr. Johnson is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Studies at the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, and...
Eric Svaan
  • Lecturer of Technology and Operations
Eric Svaan has taught a wide variety of Operations Management courses in MBA, MSCM, BBA and executive programs at the University of Michigan since...