Entrepreneurial Management

Course Code
ES 395

3 hours
(BBA Junior or Senior) or Ross Minor

Entrepreneurial Management --- Entrepreneurship is about overcoming ambiguity, risk and failure, embracing it, and learning from it. This course will explore entrepreneurship and identify and many contexts in which entrepreneurship manifests, including start-up, corporate, social, and public sector. It will prepare students for starting and succeeding in an entrepreneurial venture. The main course deliverable is a complete business plan and a presentation to an outside group of investors. This course will enable participants to sharpen their ability to find and evaluate opportunities for a new venture, as well as to think creatively and solve problems in highly unstructured situations. A broad range of topics essential to entrepreneurial ventures will be covered, including idea generation, feasibility analysis, raising capital, marketing strategies, financial modeling, attracting a capable team, creating a culture, and preparing for growth. In addition, the course will cover buying a business, franchising, and family business.

It is recommended that students take ACC 301 and MKT 300 prior to ES 395.