Ethics and Negotiations for Accountants

Course Code
BL 555

3 hours
MAcc or MM or MBAN, or MSCM

Ethics and Negotiations for Accountants --- The first part of this course focuses on ethical leadership. Ethical leadership involved acting on your values in any business interaction, including negotiations within an organization and with outsiders. Ethical leadership also involves working to ensure that everyone on your team is acting ethically. The second part of the course focuses more specifically on negotiations and has sessions on (1) negotiation strategy and tactics employed by leaders (including how to address ethical concerns in negotiation), (2) psychological tools and traps in negotiation (which relates to social psychology issues relating to ethical behavior), (3) coalition bargaining (which raises questions relating to fairness in negotiation), cross-functional negotiation within a company, and cross-cultural negotiation (with emphasis on the importance of respect of values and beliefs in other cultures).