Financial Management

Course Code
FIN 300
3 hours
  • Fall 21
  • Fall 22
  • Winter 22
  • Winter 23
(BBA sophomore or junior or senior) and ACC 300 and BA 200 and TO 301

Financial Management --- Financial Management. An introduction to the issues, theory, and methodology that comprise a framework for rational decision-making by financial managers. The objective of this course is to use examples, problems, and cases to develop analytical ability and to illustrate the practical application of financial theory and analysis. Topics include present value analysis, capital budgeting, pricing financial assets, firm financial structure and the cost of capital, mergers and acquisitions, and security underwriting.

Taught By
Jonathan Carmel
  • Lecturer of Finance
Jason Hall
  • Lecturer I in Business
Jason's research into equity valuation and the cost of capital has led to 15 publications and been relied upon by corporations listed on the...
Mirela Sandulescu
  • Assistant Professor of Finance
Mirela Sandulescu's research interests are in the areas of empirical and theoretical asset pricing, and machine learning. Her work focuses on the...