FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Other Technology Innovations

Course Code
TO 638

3 hours
GMBA or FTMBA or EveMBA or MAcc or MSCM or MBAN or MM

FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Other Technology Innovations In and Out of Finance --- New technological innovations are poised to fundamentally transform the financial industry in the coming decades, resulting in abundant career opportunities for FinTech professionals who are well-versed in the dual languages of tech and finance. This course introduces students to the most cutting edge topics including blockchain, cryptofinance and smart contracts, mobile payments, P2P lending, and robo-advising. Topics on big data and technology commercialization will be interwoven throughout the course. Students will (1) obtain in-depth technical knowledge of core Fin Tech concepts, (2) connect this technical know-how to current financial theories and market practices, and (3) decipher concepts beyond just the buzz words to provide critical judgments on new Fin Tech ventures. This knowledge will enable students to be the go-to FinTech expert in a wide variety of industries, and give them an important advantage in career advancement over peers who might just know the "buzz words".