Global Strategy

Course Code
WMBA 615

1.5 hours

Global Strategy --- This course is designed to enable you to make better strategic decisions in a world in which global competition is growing rapidly. The foundational idea in the course is that even in a rapidly globalizing world there remain significant institutional, social, and economic differences across nations. These differences provide both challenges and opportunities in global strategy. Firms that are able to identify and implement mechanisms for bridging these differences will be the winners in the global strategy game. The course covers three main areas. First, we develop frameworks for understanding differences across countries and mechanisms for evaluating global strategic alternatives. Second, we proceed to focus on three generic global strategies - aggregation, adaptation and arbitrage. Third, we also integrate special topics, ranging from global organization, emerging players/markets and competitive global strategies to entrepreneurial and non-market strategies. The cases in the course cover a wide variety of national contexts, including developed and developing countries.