Global Strategy

Course Code

1.5 hours
(Online MBA or Evening MBA) and STRATEGY 533 and (no credit in STRATEGY 623)

Global Strategy --- This is an integrative course that prepares students to formulate and implement strategies that place their organizations in advantageous positions relative to an increasingly global set of competitors. We eschew popular notions that "going global" is a strategic imperative or that the world is "flat." Instead, we explore conditions under which a global strategy is appropriate and the challenges implicit in implementing such strategies. We focus on managing a multinational organization?s competitive position in industries increasingly characterized by globalization, technological and regulatory change, and demands for strategic execution across national borders. Microeconomic concepts inform industry and firm analyses that inform strategy. Strategy concepts and frameworks inform strategic planning. Understanding cross-border differences enhances organizational performance and survival chances. Understanding the social science of strategy facilitates an appreciation of profit-seeking's societal implications. We cover qualitative and quantitative analytical frameworks for evaluating contextual determinants of success and for formulating multinational strategies. Specifically, we consider internal and external factors that influence organizational performance; organizations' positions relative to rivals; the resources and capabilities that organizations can leverage for competitive advantage; specific strategies for obtaining advantage from multinational operations; the challenges of managing cultural, administrative, geographic, and economic differences; and evidence-based approaches to strategic management.