Introduction to Ross: Foundations in Learning Business

Course Code
BA 100
1 hours
  • Fall 23
  • Winter 23
BBA Freshman

Introduction to Ross: Foundations in Learning Business --- This course introduces students to the world of business while supporting their transition and building a collaborative learning community, providing students with a foundation to make the most of their time at the Ross School of Business and the University of Michigan. To accomplish this goal, the course blends three interrelated topics that explore: 1. What is business, what do businesses do, and what does it mean to be business literate? 2. How can you engage in building a collaborative culture at Ross, and what's the value in doing so? 3. What is needed for you to transition successfully as a Ross business student?

Taught By
Sarah Zimmerman
  • Lecturer Business Communication
  • Lecturer of Executive Education
Sarah Zimmerman teaches Business Communication at the University of Michigan. Research interests are currently in the role of design in the way we...
Norman Bishara
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
  • Executive Director, Thomas C. Jones Initiative for Undergraduate Business Education
  • Professor of Business Law and Ethics
Scholarly Interests: human capital law and policy, including employee noncompete agreements and the Future of Work, corporate governance with a focus...
Ari Shwayder
  • LEO Lecturer of Business Economics and Public Policy
Ariel (Ari) Shwayder is an economist, strategist, and consultant who has worked with clients and students around the world to help them think...
David Wooten
  • Associate Dean for One-Year Masters Programs
  • Alfred L. Edwards Collegiate Professor
  • University Diversity & Social Transformation Professor
  • Professor of Marketing
David Wooten is the Alfred L. Edwards Collegiate Professor, University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor, and Professor of Marketing at...