Law of Marketing

Course Code
BL 513

1.5 hours
[Graduate Standing excluding OMBA and (JD, MACL, LLM, or SJD)] and (no credit in BL 515)

Law of Marketing --- This course is an overview of the law relating to marketing activities. The course takes the student through the legal issues raised by the marketing function, from the initial issues related to product development, through sale of the product or service to the public, to legal issues relating to distribution and promotion of the product or service. Topics to be covered include the protection of intellectual property; the law relating to the sale of goods; liability for defective goods (warranty and products liability law); antitrust law; consumer protection; the regulation of unfair or deceptive practices; and commercial speech issues. The course is designed to have a managerial focus and to provide the student with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions when confronted with legal questions regarding the marketing function. The emphasis is on the prevention of legal liability and disputes and the use of the law to create orderly, defensible business decision-making.

BL 513 fulfills the MBA Law/Ethics Requirement. Prior to the Fall 2014 term, this course was called LHC 513.