Management Presentations

Course Code
BCOM 561

1.5 hours
Graduate Standing, excluding OMBA

Management Presentations --- This course stresses the concepts and skills needed to give effective oral presentations in professional settings. The course is guided by a theoretical framework that emphasizes strategic communication choices, expansion of communication styles, and adaptation to others within communication contexts. This course requires students to give professional business presentations in each of the four quadrants of management communication. In the course of doing these presentations, students develop outlines, create speaking notes, adapt content, and design supplementary materials. Students also practice questions management and impromptu speaking. By the end of the course, students will be able to design, develop, and deliver management presentations that employ a variety of audience-centered strategies.

BCOM 561 fulfills the MBA Communication Requirement for Full-Time MBA students admitted Fall 2016 and later. Prior to the Fall 2014 term, this course was called LHC 561.