Managerial Writing

Course Code
BCOM 522
1.5 hours
  • Fall 18 (A)
  • Fall 18 (B)
  • Fall 19 (A)
  • Fall 20 (A)
  • Spring/Summer 18
  • Spring/Summer 19
  • Spring/Summer 20
  • Winter 18 (A)
  • Winter 19 (A)
  • Winter 20 (A)
No credit in LHC 594 or BCOM 594
Managerial Writing --- Fundamentals for managerial writing are central to the course. Students review the punctuation, grammar, syntax, organizational approaches, content development and conventional formats necessary for managerial documents. Goals include writing clearly, concisely and correctly, achieved through numerous writing exercises and by composing a variety of business memoranda and letters.

BCOM 522 fulfills the MBA Communication Requirement. Prior to the Fall 2014 term, this course was called LHC 522.

Taught By
Sophia Galifianakis
  • Lecturer II of Business Communication
Cynthia Crawford
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Business Communication
Andrea Morrow
  • Lecturer of Business Communication
  • Director of Writing Programs
As Director of Writing Programs at the Ross School of Business, Andrea Morrow oversees the assessment of MBA writing, supervises a staff of...