New Venture Creation

Course Code
ES 615
3 hours
  • Fall 20
  • Fall 21
(ACC 501, 502 or 591) and (FIN 503, 513, 551 or 591) and (MKT 501, 503 or 591) and (MO 501, 503 or 593) and (STRATEGY 502, 591 or 601)

New Venture Creation --- In this capstone course, students learn and apply powerful frameworks and methodologies that are useful not only for planning and launching entrepreneurial ventures, but for corporate new-business-development and new-market-entry as well. Real-world lessons from entrepreneurs and investors are supplemented by a semester-long team project that entails each 4- to 5-student team researching and developing a business plan and investor presentation for a different startup business concept, with the professor's coaching.

Taught By
Jim Price
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Studies
Jim Price is a serial entrepreneur, business educator, writer and speaker. For nearly three decades, he has launched and led multiple tech-enabled...