Operations Management

Course Code
TO 552
2.25 hours
  • Winter 23 (A)
(Preceded or accompanied by TO 502) and (No credit in TO 534 or 551 or TO 558 or TO 593 or waivers)

Operations Management --- All value in society is generated by transforming one set of things into other, different things. Without such transformations, there would be no wealth creation and no rationale for business. Operations management is the design and management of those transformation processes. In this course, we will provide a framework for systematically examining and understanding operation management issues. We will also expose you to a few of the most important tools and practices that are useful in managing manufacturing and service production systems.

Taught By
Ruslan Momot
  • Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations
Sam Aflaki
  • Visiting Professor of Technology and Operations
Sam Aflaki is a CMA CGM, chaired professor of sustainability and supply chain analytics visiting Ross from ...