Persuasive Management Communication

Course Code
BCOM 524
1.5 hours
  • Fall 21 (B)
  • Fall 22 (B)
  • Winter 22 (A)
  • Winter 23 (A)
GMBA or FTMBA or Evening MBA or MAcc or MSCM or MBAN or MM
Persuasive Management Communication --- This course presents persuasive communication strategies that facilitate effective management. Specifically, the course covers fundamental persuasive frameworks (e.g. compliance-gaining, conflict management, credibility control) applied to oral and written messages. These frameworks provide a basis for exploring persuasive communication in a variety of management settings. Special emphasis is placed on differing strategies associated with cultural variation, focusing on those most critical for global business communication.

*BCOM 524 fulfills the MBA Communication Requirement. Prior to the Fall 2014 term, this course was called LHC 524.

Taught By
Sarah Zimmerman
  • Lecturer Business Communication
  • Lecturer of Executive Education
Sarah Zimmerman teaches Business Communication at the University of Michigan. Research interests are currently in the role of design in the way we...
Sophia Galifianakis
  • Lecturer II of Business Communication