Professional Capstone - Conflict Resolution in Corporate America

Course Code
BL 405

3 hours
(STRATEGY 390 and BBA Capstone Eligible) or Business Minor

Capstone - Conflict Resolution in Corporate America --- Conflict is almost unavoidable in the corporate environment. Corporations are regularly involved in conflicts involving consumers, other corporations, regulatory agencies and the government, and even internal conflicts that disrupt the effectiveness and productivity of the workplace. Conflicts often arise, or are escalated, by poor communication skills, implicit bias, or a lack of effective conflict resolution skills. Litigation, as the traditional means available to redress legal concerns, has inherent disadvantages, including lengthiness, cost, unpredictability, and lack of control. This capstone course will integrate concepts from management and organization, corporate finance, strategy, accounting, and other areas to understand the nature and causes of conflict, the cost of conflict, and different ways to resolve conflict outside of the courtroom.