Professional Capstone: Data Driven Management Decision Making

Course Code
TO 412

3 hours
STRATEGY 390 and BBA Capstone Eligible) or MM

Capstone - Data Driven Management Decision Making --- This course teaches the basic tools in acquisition, management, and visualization of large data sets. Students will learn how to: store, manage, and query databases via SQL; quickly construct insightful visualizations of multi-attribute data using Tableau; use the Python programming language to manage data as well as connect to APIs to efficiently acquire public data. After taking this course, students will be able to efficiently construct large data sets that source underlying data from multiple sources, and form initial hypotheses based on visualization. This class will include many hands-on, in-class assignments. After learning new material in a lecture, students will work with their teams on an assigned list of tasks to learn the tools firsthand. A final project will enable students to integratively apply all of the tools covered in this class to a real-world context.