Professional Capstone: Entrepreneurship Law

Course Code
BL 404

3 hours
(STRATEGY 390 or MM) and preceded or accompanied by BL 300 or 557

Capstone - Entrepreneurship Law --- Law provides entrepreneurs with many opportunities for competitive advantage. This course offers an examination of various legal issues every entrepreneur should understand to make good business decisions. This course will address legal concerns that arise when leaving your current employer to start a business, creating an appropriate ownership structure, funding the venture, negotiating and contracting with vendors and customers, assembling your team, and global issues. This course will assist you in your ability to work with legal counsel. This course is a capstone course. You will work on three projects applying your knowledge of legal issues to the context of entrepreneurship. These will include negotiating a contract important to your business, selecting an appropriate business form and demonstrating your understanding of the appropriate practices and documentation, and will culminate in a shark tank presentation whereby you will present your business idea, including a thorough analysis of the relevant legal issues, to convince a panel of investors to fund your project.