Real Estate Market Analysis

Course Code
BA 715

2.25 hours

Real Estate Market Analysis --- Real estate market analysis provides decision makers a critical set of skills to evaluate opportunities in acquiring, selling, or developing real estate. Market analysis doesn't only occur at the beginning of the real estate development process - it can be utilized throughout the course of an asset's life from development to disposition to better understand market opportunities. This course introduces a series of tools and techniques that may be used to understand real estate markets overall as well as to analyze site specific real estate opportunities. It is a course that would be useful to those interested in pursuing a career in real estate as well as those with an entrepreneurial spirit interested in finding real estate opportunities for themselves. The course is loosely organized around the market analysis process to analyze real estate opportunities. At the beginning of the course we will spend time thinking about the "bigger picture" - what drives real estate markets and opportunities. We will then dive into market analysis by process and by land uses including for-rent, for-sale, retail, and office. By the end of the course, you will be able to complete a market analysis for multiple land uses. The course involves the use of asynchronous activities, example market studies, discussion during the live sessions, collaboration and knowledge sharing among students, and activities on a wide range of real estate topics. You will examine completed market studies in depth throughout the course and use them to inform your understanding of completing a market study. You will complete sections of a market analysis as we move through the different modules. By the end, you will have a finalized market study that you will prepare with a group.