Senior Thesis

Course Code
BA 480
3 hours
  • Fall 20
  • Fall 21
  • Winter 20
  • Winter 21

Ross School Senior Thesis Seminar ---This course is an honors-type seminar open to BBA seniors who want to write a research thesis. Students register for 3 credits of BA480 in Fall and 3 credits of BA480 in Winter. Under the guidance of their thesis advisor, each student develops central ideas and analyses, and communicates research findings and conclusions.

Taught By
Burcu Tasoluk
  • LEO Lecturer III of Marketing
Professor Tasoluk joined Ross as a visiting research scholar in September 2016 and she started teaching at the BBA program in 2018. Her research...
Francine Lafontaine
  • Associate Dean for Business + Impact
  • William Davidson Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
  • Professor of Economics, LSA
Francine Lafontaine's areas of interest are in the field of Industrial Organization, with a special focus on vertical relationships, including...