Theoretical Models in Finance II

Course Code
FIN 872

1.5 hours

Theoretical Models in Finance II --- This is the second course in a two-part sequence on theoretical models in Finance, the second course being FIN 865. The set of topics covered will change from year to year. Potential topics across the two courses include (i) applications of asymmetric information (ii) trading and price formation and (iii) continuous time models in finance.

Current Title/Description

Course title: Trading and Price Formation
Course description: A vibrant research (variously labeled as Financial Markets, Information Economics and Markets, or, more narrowly, Market Microstructure) analyzes, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of important (yet often ignored) trading frictions on the process of price formation in domestic and international financial markets (for equity, government and corporate bonds, currency, and real estate, among others). The main goal of this Ph.D. course is to motivate students to pursue theoretical and empirical research in this exciting area of Financial Economics.