Michigan Ross has long been a leader in research, education, and leadership development in the area of sustainability.

Discover how business can be part of the solution to promoting global sustainable business through the research, teaching, and student experiences at Michigan Ross. You’ll find collaborations across disciplines, such as through the Erb Institute for Sustainability in Business, to examine what it means to be sustainable — from green supply chains, to measuring environmental impacts of operations, to finance.

Erbers working in the Peruvian Amazon to help farmers improve sustainability, crop yields and thereby income.

Sustainability at Michigan Ross

A partnership with the School for Environment and Sustainability, the Erb Institute fosters sustainable enterprise through research and education.


Business meets impact here! Whether passionate about CSR, sustainability, or simply how business can affect more than a bottom line, join RNI.

The Energy Club provides students with opportunities to explore and involve themselves in the rapidly-changing energy industry.

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