Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Professor of Business Administration

PhD University of Michigan 1984
MS University of Michigan 1981
AB University of Michigan 1974

Dr. Michael Gordon is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Social Entrepreneurial Studies and past Associate Dean for Information Technology. His teaching and research focus on solving societal problems through enterprise. In this way, businesses and other organizations can create sustainable, impactful changes in the areas of poverty, health care, education, and the environment.

Gordon has worked with leading scholars on these issues and is co-author of the Base of the Pyramid Protocol, which guides companies wanting to co-create new businesses with local communities and organizations in the developing world. He has been involved in BoP Protocol efforts in Kenya, South Africa, and Flint, Michigan.

He has published empirical research about the scope and extent of current involvement at the base of the pyramid, how BoP activity depends on innovation, and how it benefits firms and local communities. He was won numerous awards for his teaching and is an award-winning innovator and author.

He has recently completed a book, Design Your Life, Change the World: The Path of a Social Entrepreneur , which focuses on how people, organizations, and all of society create change. Presently, he is researching and writing about how we can understand and create societal change by examining the evolutionary processes of innovation and invention. He blogs at profmichaelgordon.com

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