Valerie Myers

Adjunct Lecturer of Management and Organization

PhD University of Michigan 2003
MA University of Michigan 2001
MSW University of Michigan 1997
BA University of Michigan 1993

Valerie L. Myers is a scholar and consultant who earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan, before becoming a faculty member in its graduate programs (MBA and Healthcare Management). She has published scholarly insights in books including Exploring Positive Social Change and Organizations (Routledge-Taylor Francis Press, 2011); Contemporary Organizational Behavior: From Ideas to Action (Prentice Hall, 2015); and The Health Care Safety Net (Rutgers Press, 2012). Her book, Conversations About Calling: Advancing Management Perspectives (Routledge-Taylor Francis Press, 2013), contributes to the field of Positive Organizations and talent development by illuminating the power of this ancient idea to revolutionize performance today. Valerie has also published insights in management journals such as Organizational Dynamics, the Journal of Healthcare Management, the Journal of Health Administration Education, and the Journal of Adult Development. In addition to research grants awarded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation and the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation, Valerie served on the Advisory Board of the Griffith Healthcare Leadership Center. This academic experience, coupled with a decade in industry, informs her teaching and consulting practice.

Valerie’s expertise broadly encompasses ethical and exemplary leadership, collegial work climates, and highly engaged talent. Through her work, she explores how leaders use moral imagination and power to create high reliability organizations; how to foster fruitful collaborations; how to value difference as an asset; and how personal meaning and maturity drive individual actions, business outcomes, and social progress. To do that, Valerie facilitates courses in: Inclusive LeadershipHealthcare Leadership, the Calling to Leadership, and navigating 21st century uncertainties with Strategic Curiosity® , to help professionals strengthen their capabilities to reflect, synthesize complex information, deploy a systems perspective, and solve personnel/process problems.  Inspired by a quest to cultivate leaders and organizations that better serve society, Dr. Valerie L. Myers provides resources that elevate competence, character, critical thinking, and care.

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