Calls Coming to Round 1 Admits, Tips for Round 2 Applicants


As we celebrated the Michigan Football team’s big win against Ohio State and its Big Ten Championship, the Admissions team had a blast learning about our Round 1 applicants and sharing highlights from the applicants with each other. 

For those who applied this round, we will make calls to all admitted students on Tuesday, Dec. 7. There is no pattern to our calls, but we will be mindful of time zones around the globe. We know it can be somewhat stressful to wait all day for a call; however, students routinely tell us that receiving a phone call was highly appreciated and memorable. 

If we don’t catch you by phone, we will leave a voicemail. During the call, we will also let you know if you have been awarded a scholarship. Bear in mind that many members of the Admissions team are still working from home, and not all our numbers start with a “734” (like we usually say to look out for). To be safe, we recommend you pick up all your calls on Tuesday.

If you do not receive a call from us, it means you are either waitlisted or denied. We will be in touch with waitlisted candidates to provide a timeline and guidance for what to do while on the waitlist soon.

All Round 1 applicants will be able to access their decisions online on Wednesday, Dec. 8, at noon EST.  

Tips for Round 2 Applicants

Our Round 2 application deadline is Monday, Jan. 10, at 11:59 p.m. EST. That means you still have a little more than a month to work on your application. 

Here are a few things to check before hitting the “submit” button:

  • Review your resume for clarity. Be sure to highlight key skills, knowledge, and impact. Eliminate jargon or acronyms that are industry-specific, and proofread. 
  • Touch base with your recommender to make sure he/she/they are on track for submitting your recommendation letter on time. It can be especially tricky during the holiday season.
  • Review your essays to see if they provide insight into who you are, not what you have done. Have a friend or family member read your essays and ask whether they feel like they learned something about you. 

If you have last minute questions about the application you can drop in during Admissions Office Hours every Wednesday. Sign up here. We are also hosting a Diversity at Ross series and other events this month for Round 2 applicants to learn more about Ross. 

Like many of you, the Admissions team and I are looking forward to the holiday break later this month. We cherish spending time with our families and reading something other than an application, and will be turning on the “Out of Office” reply. The Admissions Office will be closed for the holidays from Dec. 24, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022. We look forward to reconnecting in the new year.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!