Finishing Your Application for Round 2


The holidays have a way of bringing a supercharged pace to our lives. From traveling to last minute gift shopping, it’s easy to get swept away in the business of the season. If you’re in MBA admissions, you can also add releasing Round 1 decisions into the mix! We’re really excited about the first members of the Class of 2025 we just admitted, but also looking forward to meeting the next potential candidates applying in Round 2. For many MBA candidates,  this is a crucial time to put those finalizing touches on your application before the deadline on January 9.

We hold virtual office hours every Wednesday (along with a special Round 2 Office Hours on January 6 at Noon ET) and these are some of the questions that have been coming up the most as we approach our deadline:


1. I see that some schools are waiving the test requirement for those laid off, is Ross doing that?

We empathize with the many people who are having unexpected career pivots. At Ross, we already have an existing option for students that choose not to take a standardized test and are able to demonstrate their academic rigor of the program in another way - the Statement of Academic Readiness. If you choose not to submit a test score, you would instead submit an essay that supports your case and alternative evidence of your readiness. We will look closely at your academic and professional accomplishments. For more details review #3 of our application requirements.   


2. Will Ross accept a late test score or recommendation?

We suggest waiting to apply in Round 3 if you don’t think you can get your documents submitted on time. However, if your recommendation is submitted 3-4 days late, we know that may be outside of your hands and you will not be penalized.

If you have already taken a test and are submitting a new test score, we will accept an updated test score at any point in the application process, but it is recommended that you submit it as early as possible to ensure it is reviewed ahead of decisions being made (whether that decision is being invited to interview or being admitted).

If you have not yet taken a test, you would need to submit the Statement of Academic Readiness in order for your application to be complete. 


3. What can I do to make my application stand out positively?

Stick to YOUR Story. It’s common to want to know if there is a secret formula for making your application “the best.” But for us, the application is a chance for us to get to know you better as a candidate. We’re not looking for a specific formula or prototype when reading through a file; we’re looking for applicants who can give us a clear picture of who they are, and who they are looking to become by pursuing an MBA. Don’t focus on writing the essay that you think will look the most unique on paper, and try your best to avoid the comparison trap. Submit the application, resume, and essays that tell us about YOU as you are, not who you think we want you to be.


4. What’s a common mistake applicants make?

Make sure to spend time on your resume. I’ve been on a number of admissions panels where Admissions reps from across different schools share that the first thing they look at when reading an application is the resume. Don’t let the first thing we look at be the item you spend the least amount of time on! Be sure to show us what impact you’ve made at your current and previous jobs. Remember: we’re not looking for a job description. We’re looking for what you specifically brought to each role that you have taken on and how you have impacted your company, and your team. 

Additionally, be mindful of length…and overuse of industry jargon. A good, strong resume should be one page. Clear communication and concise deliverables make for a strong candidate in this process. 

The Round two deadline at Michigan Ross is January 9, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET. Here is a quick link to our application. You can also check out our Admissions Quick Tips video series, Careers at Ross webinar series, register for one of our upcoming events, or connect with our 300+ student ambassadors to learn more about our Full-Time MBA program. My last piece of advice? When you know and understand who we are as a school, it shows in your application!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!