Spring Application Deadline Myth-Busting


Picture this: you’re ready to apply and eager to start your MBA this fall, but when you check the website, you see that the Round 1 and 2 deadlines have already passed. You might start to question if you’re too late to the party – but let me be the first to tell you, that is not true! I know there is a lot of anxiety for applicants applying later in the application cycle, so let’s take some time to ease your mind and set the record straight.

We have two application deadlines left to apply this year: April 3 and May 1. I encourage you to apply for the earliest possible deadline when your application is ready.


Here are the questions we get the most this time of year:

What are my chances of getting in? 

We reserve spots for Round 3 and Round 4 applicants. Yes, we have filled many spots in the class already, but focus on making your application as strong as it can be. It is best to apply to Ross when YOU feel your application is in the best place. We have many students we’ve admitted in May and June that have gone on to be leaders in the class and land great jobs. Your classmates and recruiters will never ask you which round you applied in. Check out this video to learn more about your chances.

Will I still be able to get a scholarship?  

Similar to the first question, we also reserve scholarships for students we are admitting in Round 3 and Round 4. All scholarships at Ross are merit-based, and every candidate is considered for a scholarship automatically when they apply.

Will international students admitted in the spring have enough time for visa processing?

We accept international students throughout May and do not anticipate any issues with your visa processing on that timeline, but be prepared to submit your visa documents promptly. While students admitted in earlier rounds could take their time submitting required documents, you’ll need to be responsive and ready to go right away.

How do you balance evaluating waitlisted students with students who are newly applying? 

We evaluate everyone who is currently on the waitlist along with our new applicants together. There is not a rank order between the two groups, we view everyone in the same pool as potential candidates to admit.

Should I explain the reason why I’m submitting my application in the third round in the optional essay?

We never question the reason you chose to apply in a particular round - we assume that you apply when you are ready to apply. Everyone has their own factors that influence the timing of their application, and you don’t need to worry about explaining them. Focus on making your application as strong as it can be and not the deadline you chose to apply within.

I’m on the fence about applying this year or waiting until next year, will it negatively impact my chances of getting in next year if I apply this year?

There are truly no drawbacks to applying in Round 3 and trying to shoot your shot for this year. If for some reason you don’t get in during this application cycle, you can repurpose your essays and recommendation letter for next year’s application and we will waive your application fee. We admit many reapplicants every year, so there isn’t a downside to applying now if you’re trying to decide between applying now or waiting until next year.

What documents are needed to apply?

You can find all of our application requirements here, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re working on a shortened timeline. You will need to either submit a standardized test score OR a statement of academic readiness by the application deadline for your application to be considered complete (more on our test flexible policy in this blog). We do accept unofficial test scores or transcripts at the time of application, but you’ll need to submit official documents later if you’re admitted and decide to enroll. We do give a bit of grace if your recommendation is submitted a day or two late, but keep in mind things move quickly in later rounds so I strongly advise all documents be submitted by the application deadline.

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