Interview Tips for the Fall 2024 Recruitment Cycle

Man doing interview on computer

For the fall 2024 Full-Time MBA application cycle, all interviews will be conducted in a virtual format.  Whether you are a seasoned Zoom user or new to video interviews, here are some valuable tips to shine in your virtual interview with Michigan Ross.

First, connect with your alumni interviewer early so that you can schedule a convenient meeting time. This is not part of your interview assessment, but it is an important factor in your overall impression as an applicant.

Second, remember to prepare for the virtual format by checking your Wi-Fi connection, setting up your background, and ensuring ambient noise is kept to a minimum. Also, don’t forget to research the Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Program and prepare questions to ask after the interview concludes.  

Next, prepare for potential interview questions. Review your resume and make note of the impact you have had within your career and professional experiences. Your interviewers will have a copy of your resume with them, and they may inquire about specific details. Many of our questions are behavioral.  When preparing and sharing examples from your experiences, structure your responses using "context, action, and result" (CAR) to ensure clarity. Here are some tips for responding to interview questions using CAR.

  • First, listen to the question carefully to ensure you understand what the interviewer is asking.
  • Second, choose an experience from your career that most aligns with the question being asked. These questions are meant to seek out the core competencies Michigan Ross desires.  It is important to authentically tailor your responses to address the question.
  • Next, when responding to the question, utilize CAR. First, provide sufficient context.  This helps paint a picture in the interviewer's mind of the specific situation you are sharing about, as well as the circumstances and challenges you faced. Then, explain the specific actions you took in response to the situation or task. Focus on your individual contributions, skills, and decision-making. It’s about the impact you contributed to the success of the achievement. You can do this by highlighting the results using quantifiable data if possible. Be concise in your responses and stay positive even when discussing challenges, setbacks, and failures. 
  • Last, practice, practice, practice.  Work through common behavioral questions ahead of time using the CAR method.

Finally, the Michigan Ross community is interested in you.  Be honest, and bring your authentic self. Remember to keep in mind that your interview is essentially a conversation, so be you. We wish you the best of luck, and we eagerly anticipate getting to know you better soon. Go Blue!