Introducing the Michigan Ross Perspective on the New GMAT Focus Edition

Students in front of the Ross building

Are you aspiring to join the Full-Time MBA Program at the Ross School of Business? If so, we have some exciting admissions news to share. Michigan Ross is now accepting the redesigned Graduate Management Admissions Test Focus Edition (GMAT Focus), which provides our applicants with a smoother and more efficient application process.

The GMAT Focus was not crafted in isolation. It underwent rigorous testing, with input from over 5,400 candidates and engagement with more than 65 top business schools worldwide. Moreover, a global school advisory group played an instrumental role in shaping this revolutionary assessment tool. This effort undertaken by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) provides Ross Admissions the assurance that the redesign will resonate with our prospective student base.

One of the standout features of the GMAT Focus is its efficiency. Unlike the traditional GMAT, it consists of three sections, each lasting 45 minutes, eliminating the need for extensive preparation and the essay component. This streamlined format allows candidates to allocate their time more efficiently, making it an appealing option for those with busy schedules.

As an admissions team, we are also excited about this test because it provides better insights into a candidate's abilities with a high degree of reliability and validity. Candidates will also receive more detailed feedback, enabling them to pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement. This is especially important to us in admissions when assessing the academic readiness of our candidates.

The GMAT Focus retains the quantitative and verbal sections while also offering a highly relevant data insights section, which assesses data literacy.  Data insights include multi-source reasoning, table analysis, graphics interpretations, two-part analysis, and data sufficiency.

For GMAT Focus test takers, the big question is, “How will Ross assess my academic potential with this updated version of the GMAT?” The total score, ranging from 205-805, reflects a candidate's performance across all three sections rather than just the verbal and quantitative sections. The scoring scale has been recalibrated to provide a fairer evaluation of candidates, ensuring a level playing field for all applicants.

With the new score ranges, Ross can use GMAC’s provided score concordance table, allowing us to compare GMAT Focus scores to the historic GMAT assessment. This allows Ross Admissions to have a clearer understanding of the applicant’s academic readiness. For instance, a GMAT Focus score of 655 equates to the 90th percentile, whereas the traditional GMAT Exam score would be 710.

In conclusion, the acceptance of the GMAT Focus by the Ross Full-Time MBA Program represents a significant step forward in MBA admissions. Its efficiency, flexibility, and focus on fairness and candidate insights make it an invaluable tool for those aiming to embark on their MBA journey. Your MBA dreams are now closer than ever! Go Blue!