The Michigan Ross Quantitative Readiness Course

Assess and strengthen your quantitative skills through the completion of our online, self-paced Quantitative Readiness Course (QRC). The QRC is designed for potential applicants who are interested in understanding and preparing for the quantitative rigor of a Michigan Ross MBA program. Course topics include a variety of statistical techniques and applications, and material is presented so that applicants who devote adequate time to the course should perform well. If successfully completed, the course can be submitted in lieu of a GMAT, GRE, or EA score.

Prepare for the Rigor of an MBA

The QRC is free and students who complete the course are under no obligation to apply to the Michigan Ross Global MBA Program.

The QRC:

  • Consists of six self-paced, online modules, each which includes a set of practice questions and a practice quiz
  • Takes roughly 20-30 hours to complete
  • Must be completed within 60 days from time of start
  • Is of no cost to participants
  • Can be submitted in lieu of a GMAT or GRE score if a course score of 80% or higher is earned

You can find more information about the QRC on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

How to Enroll

Those interested in the QRC should complete this form. Within seven days, you will receive an email from with a link to the University of Michigan Guest Invitation page.

Contact with any questions.

Linda Lillemoen
“The Quantitative Readiness Course is a great option for prospective students who are considering an MBA. It both gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills and helps get you ready for your MBA experience.”
Linda Lillemoen, Program Manager, Global MBA Program
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