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Celebrate World Book Day With These Books Written by Michigan Ross Authors

A collage of books published by alumni authors

If you’re looking for a great book to read this spring, you’re in luck. April 23 is the perfect time to expand your library as we celebrate World Book Day at the Ross School of Business.

World Book Day celebrates reading and promotes the accessibility of books from every genre. Numerous Michigan Ross alums, from CPAs to CEOs, faculty, and small business owners, have published their own works to share with the world, including children’s books, memoirs, explorations of pop culture, and more.

To celebrate World Book Day this year, we’ve compiled a list of amazing books by Michigan Ross authors that we recommend for your reading list.

A black background with a glittery skull in front of it, with the title: "Fashion Killa: How Hip Hop Revolutionized High Fasion" by Sowmya KrishamurthyFashion Killa: How Hip-Hop Revolutionized High Fashion

Author: Sowmya Krishnamurthy, BBA ’06
Genre/topic: Music/pop culture

This first comprehensive anthology of the marriage between hip-hop and luxury fashion draws on exclusive interviews to tell the story of the hip-hop artists, designers, stylists, and unsung heroes — from Pharrell and Cardi B to Versace and Tommy Hilfiger — who fought the power and reinvented style around the world over the last 50 years.

Named “one of the best books of 2023” by Kirkus Reviews and Booklist and “one of the most stylish” by The New York Times.

Featured in: NPR, New York Magazine, The Breakfast Club, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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A black background with colorful blue and purple leaves in front of it. Text reads "Autumn Song, Essays on Absence" by Patrice GopoAutumn Song: Essays on Absence

Author: Patrice (Harduar) Gopo, MBA/MPP ’07
Genre/topic: Essays/memoir

Autumn Song: Essays on Absence invites readers into one Black woman’s experiences encountering absences, seeing beyond the empty spaces, and grasping at the glimmers of glory that remain. In a world marred with brokenness, these glimmers speak to the possibility of grieving losses, healing heartache, and allowing ourselves to be changed.


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A white/cream background with a geometric yellow design on it.Text reads "The Nine Shifts, the mind-first method to transform your body and your life" by Deekron Krikorian, MBAThe Nine Shifts: The Mind-First Method To Transform Your Body and Your Life

Author: Deekron Krikorian, MBA ’99
Genre/topic: Health and fitness

When it comes to achieving our desired body and health, the typical approaches of dieting or exercise often fail to deliver lasting change. That's because they do not account for the mental, physical, and external obstacles that can derail us from staying consistent with our habits. By contrast, The Nine Shifts proposes a holistic, mind-first approach to achieving a lasting body transformation.

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A gray background with the face of a man with blue eyes bleded into it. There is a silhouette of a man walking in the foreground of the image. Text reads "Talk to the Devil: Surviving Severe Depression" by Howard FrankTalk to the Devil: Surviving Severe Depression

Author: Howard Frank, MBA ’80
Genre/topic: Mental health

In this candid, no-holds-barred book, a writer battles major depressive disorder with courage, navigating despair to find hope and meaning. Through candid storytelling, we explore the complexities of mental illness and the indomitable human spirit, offering inspiration for resilience and redemption.

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A white background with two children holding envelopes standing in grass alongside cardboard boxes. Text reads "Let's be fair" by Robyn K Fuller, CPALet’s Be Fair

Author: Robyn K. Fuller Butler, CPA/BBA ’07
Genre/topic: Children’s book

The first title of the Parker & Jhett Rose Chronicles teaches our children to establish a value system, understand consideration, and learn the idea of compensation for completing a task. It is relatable and a great way to begin the conversation about what to do with our money.

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A teal backrgound full of whimsically drawn clouds. A greenish woman, whose face is meant to look like the waves of the ocean, looks up at a woman in a hot air baloon which is in the shape of the planet earth. Text reads: Your Mini Sabatical: Your practical guide to takinga a break, even if you're pretty sure you can't afford it or can't get away from work. Quit your life - temporarily" by Colleen NewvineYour Mini Sabbatical

Author: Colleen Newvine, MBA ’05
Genre/topic: Travel

Have you ever gone on vacation and fantasized about tearing up your return ticket? Have you dreamed of quitting your job? Have you wondered what your life would be like on that path not chosen? What if you could run away to chase your dreams – without hitting the eject button on your regular life?

You can do it. Even if you’re pretty sure you can’t. Newvine will show you both how and why to quit your life temporarily.

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A dark gray background with white text on it. Text reads: "Navigating the Impossible: A survival guide for single moms from pregnancy through the first year of motherhood" by Aisha TaylorNavigating the Impossible: A Survival Guide for Single Moms from Pregnancy through the First Year of Motherhood

Author: Aisha Taylor, MBA/MHSA ’08
Genre/topic: Women’s health

Being a single mom can be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. Navigating the Impossible helps single moms create a tangible roadmap from pregnancy through the first year of motherhood and deals with the financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of single motherhood. A single mom of twins, Taylor shares lessons and personal reflections on single motherhood and how to lean on God’s promises.

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A yellowish, aged-paper background with black pen/pencil drawings of two buildings and three portraits of young woman, a man, and an old woman overlooking an open book and a flying plane. Text reads: "Borders Bridges Belonging: A journey of hope across lands and generations" by Premlata PooniaBorders Bridges Belonging

Author: Premlata Poonia, MBA ’13
Genre/topic: Memoir

This must-read memoir by a U-M alum captures her journey from rural India to small-town America. A panoramic tale, Borders Bridges Belonging travels through many layers of India — rural, urban, and global. Through its masterful emotional exploration, you will feel woven into the hopes of a constantly migrating family, with lighthearted moments, deep insights, and heartfelt stories.

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A white background with red, yellow, and green text. Text reads "Better decisions faster: Unshakable confidence when you need it most. Your ultimate guide to confidence and courage, one decision at a time. (Mel Robbins) Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith" By Paul Epstein, bestselling author of The Power of Playing OffenseBetter Decisions Faster: Unshakable Confidence When You Need It Most

Author: Paul Epstein, MBA ’19

Genre/topic: Business

In more than 15 years as an NFL and NBA executive, Paul Epstein saw firsthand how even elite performers can become paralyzed by indecision. In Better Decisions Faster, Paul draws from the proven, green-light wisdom of Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympians, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, world-record holders, Ivy League professors, and Navy SEALs to reveal a revolutionary new system for confident decision-making.

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