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Gift Guide 2022: Deck the Halls with Gift Ideas from Michigan Ross Alumni

By Nicholle Cardinal

With the holiday season now upon us, we know how difficult it can be to find the right gifts for your loved ones. As we’ve done in past years, to simplify your holiday shopping, we’ve compiled a list of great products, services, and stores by Ross School of Business alums.


From coffee, books, and wine, to artwork, children’s toys, and golf box subscriptions, we hope this list will help you get some of your holiday shopping done early.


Kaitlyn Brown, MBA ’14

Savorista crafts delicious decaf and half-caf coffee. Providing a variety of caffeine-conscious coffees enables coffee lovers to savor the comfort of coffee anytime — without the impact of too much caffeine. So, rather than fueling busyness and overcommitment, coffee can take its rightful place in your life as something to be savored.

Use code "ROSS25" to save 25% off your first order of Savorista coffee.

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Lil’ Labmates

Barbara Zappala, MBA ’21

The mission of Lil’ Labmates is to inspire curiosity and a love for learning science in babies and toddlers. This is done by creating STEM-themed toys that are developmentally enriching. When playing with Lil' Labmates toys, babies are practicing developmental milestones while also being exposed to STEM imagery and concepts. Toys, books, and packaging are also made sustainably using recycled or biodegradable materials.

Use discount code HHROSS15% to obtain a 15% discount on your order before the end of the year.

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Drew Amato, MBA ’19

Play better golf with a Mullybox golf box membership. Starting at $88.88, Mullybox delivers everything you need for your golf game four times per year. In each box, you'll get golf polos, equipment, training aids, and more — with a retail value up to 2X the cost.

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Just Enough Wines

Kaitlyn Lo, MBA ’21 

Just Enough Wines brings you a more conscious drinking experience with pleasure-forward, perfectly portioned, consciously canned wines. Each can is 1.5 glasses of premium, minimal-intervention wine, packaged sustainably and ready for relaxing — whenever and wherever you are.

Use the discount code "GOBLUE" to get 10% off your order through Dec. 31, 2022.

Shop Just Enough Wines

Teal Canvas

Rachel Gutnick, MBA ’20

Teal Canvas unites commissionable fine artists with both individual and commercial partners to create one-of-a-kind custom art pieces. Whether a statement painting for the living room or an elegant piece for the boardroom, Teal Canvas' concierge service helps you find the appropriate artist based on style and budget and guides the creation process from idea to completion. 

You can give an immersive experience to a loved one with a gift certificate to Teal Canvas. Your recipient will be provided with the opportunity to work directly with a gallery-level artist, creating an original piece that speaks to their tastes and style. The magic of the gift lies in both the experience of working directly with an artist and building that relationship, and the resulting fine art piece.

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The Inside Scoop

Jane Och, BBA ’86/MAcc ’86

Make room for the good stuff! The Inside Scoop Ergonomic Bagel and Bread Scooper lets you easily scoop out your bagel or bread so you can save calories, carbs, and time.

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Noy Leyb, MBA ’22

Danielle Eisenberg, MBA ’22

Effie provides bachelorette planners with an online planning tool and marketplace to ease the planning process. With so many factors to consider such as destination, accommodation, restaurants, activities, and transportation, effie helps make sense of everything from day one. Whether you need personalized recommendations or just want some tips on how to ensure an unforgettable weekend, effie is your one-stop-shop for all bachelorette-related needs.

Effie is a free service. Follow @meet_effie on Instagram.

Shop effie for free


David Dougherty, BBA ’78

NinetyEight6 is high-performance tennis wear designed to keep you cool and comfortable in any match conditions. Ten percent of all purchases are donated to not-for-profit organizations that are helping provide access to and growing the sport of tennis among young people.

Shop NinetyEight6


Shibani Baluja, BA ’96/MBA ’04

lil'gourmets strives to provide the best nutrition for little ones while sparking a love of veggies and diverse foods for life. With flavors like sweet potato curry and Moroccan squash, all of their fresh and organic, deliciously authentic global recipes deliver more than one serving of vegetables or beans per cup (100% of babies’ and 50% of toddlers’ daily veggie needs).

Find lil’gourmets fresh in the cooler section at select Whole Foods, Meijer, and other independent stores (check the store locator). Or ship fresh to your door via or Amazon.

Shop lil’gourmets and use the code GoBlue! for 15% off your first order

Shop lil’gourmets

All the Places We Call Home

Patrice Gopo, MBA ’07/MPP ’07

A picture book for ages 4 to 8, author Patrice Gopo illuminates how family stories of far-off lands help shape children, help form their identity, and help connect them with the broader world. Her lyrical language, paired with Jenin Mohammed’s richly textured artwork, creates a beautiful, stirring portrait of a child’s deep ties to cultures and communities beyond where they lay their head to sleep.

Purchase All the Places We Call Home

The Great Recession Resurrection

Omurhu Onokpise, MBA ’07

The Great Recession Resurrection is the story of how Omurhu Onokpise navigated trying circumstances to achieve his dream opportunity. It also lays out the practical steps that any faithful professional needs to diligently follow to overcome the challenges of unemployment and achieve their dream career opportunity. See yourself in his story, and then see your own success.

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