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How My EMBA Journey Is Transforming Not Just My Career, But Also My Personal Life


By Rosalie Villapando, MBA '20


When I started my Executive MBA, I was not sure how much more it would enhance my professional development, considering how much experience I already had in the industry. However, I have been surprised and pleased to discover that my EMBA has had an immeasurable impact on both my hard and soft skills. The lessons I’ve learned in the year since I started the program have translated into exciting new business ventures and opportunities. 

Take, for instance, a recent development in an initiative my organization has been working on. Prior to starting the program, my company started exploring the potential of a joint venture. Once I started the program, almost everything I was learning became immediately applicable. As we progressed through the pitch, analysis, and negotiation of this joint venture, I quickly recognized how much I, too, was growing in terms of professional skills and knowledge. The successful, resultant joint venture was a significant transaction for my company. 

From a leadership perspective, the Michigan Model of Leadership has been a great touchstone of reference when I am identifying ways to better the workplace. Since starting the program, my co-workers have noticed a change in the way I interacted with the rest of the team. My EMBA experience has made me a much more confident leader with greater awareness and appreciation of different working styles and motivations. After helping to lead my division through its first four years, I was recently promoted. The timing is not coincidental. Being in this program has enhanced my skill set and given me a greater voice for self-advocacy.  

The learning and growth aren’t limited to the office. The skills I learned through this program have translated into my personal life as well. The individual coaching sessions have been particularly valuable, as they have allowed me to take a broader perspective of my career and frankly, my life. My coach views me holistically and understands that each aspect of my life impacts the other. Her thoughtful questions and guidance have made me a much more conscious human being. This consciousness pervades my entire life, whether I am in the office or at home with my family. It makes me a better leader, co-worker, wife, and mom!