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Innovations Sparked by COVID-19 Could Change Daily Lives Now and Into the Future


Society’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic may produce innovations that will last well into the future, according to a new article from Michigan Ross Professor Scott Page.

Writing for the Social Science Research Council’s Items website, Page argues that the innovations generated by the pandemic may have lasting effects on healthcare, political participation, education, and more. In the article, Page applies the principles of modeling theory to identify “potential pathways to creating a better world.”

Page added, “The article was an opportunity to reflect on how our adaptations to the pandemic have done more than combat this virus now or even teach us how to combat future viruses.  Our efforts to keep the economy and society working have generated an enormous number of innovations in policy, business practices, and our daily lives that will yield dividends for decades.”


Page has also produced other work helping to understand the pandemic and related issues:

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Scott Page is the John Seely Brown Distinguished University Professor of Complexity, Social Science, and Management; the Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration; and Professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Media Contact: Bridget Vis, Public Relations Specialist, [email protected]

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