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International Podcast Day is Next Week: 9 Shows from Michigan Ross Alumni to Add to Your Playlist


By 2021, podcasting is expected to become a $1 billion global industry. International Podcast Day is a global celebration of the growing industry and an opportunity to recognize the growing media channel and the shows involved.

Many students from the Ross School of Business have started successful podcasts while on campus or gone on to create their own after graduation. From diversity issues to career tips, travel, and business strategy, Michigan Ross alumni offer podcasts with topics for everyone. Whether you’re looking to listen for leisure, to learn how to be more inclusive in life and in the workplace, or to gain knowledge on how to increase your business wins, this list is an excellent place to start.

Nancy Kasvosve, MBA ’16

BsquaredC Podcast

“BsquaredC Podcast” focuses on gender equity in the leadership ranks of the corporate world, particularly surrounding women of color. This weekly podcast highlights the stories of women of color in the corporate world, including their challenges, triumphs, and how they are trailblazing their dreams.

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Josh Whitt, MBA ’19

Conquering Columbus

“Conquering Columbus” is dedicated to covering the stories of people in Columbus, Ohio who are doing extraordinary things in the fields of science, business, athletics, and more. The show hosts chat with guests about their current projects, how they created their organizations or initiatives, and their challenges and goals. “Conquering Columbus” strives to uncover new and unique information about its guests in order to share more about them on a deeper level.

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Priyanka Komala, MBA ’13

CurryUp Startup Podcast

“CurryUp Startup Podcast” features Asian leaders and allies who inspire and ignite meaningful conversations on topics surrounding inspiration, business, branding, and more. Recent episodes have covered decoding India’s fintech industry as a venture capitalist and leading a startup to revolutionize wellness with an Asian touch.

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Janice Scholl, MBA ’12

The Money, Career & Motherhood Podcast

Motherhood changes everything, including your career and finances. The “Money, Career & Motherhood Podcast” offers candid conversations and actionable tips designed to help moms challenge beliefs about money and motherhood, make informed financial decisions, and prepare children to become financially independent adults.

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Janis Powers, MBA ’96

The Powers Report Podcast

“The Powers Report Podcast” features 20-minute segments from host Janis Powers who discusses specific issues surrounding health care in an effort to shed light on the seemingly complex industry. Powers provides data-driven analyses alongside original perspectives and solutions. The podcast is an offshoot of her bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. The book and her company, Longitudinal Health Care, Inc., are focused on replacing health care's payment system with a decentralized, personalized payment model.

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Jerry Won, MBA ’17

Dear Asian Americans

"Dear Asian Americans” shares stories of origin, identity, and the life journeys of a diverse array of Asian Americans to celebrate, support, and inspire. Won started this podcast on March 2, 2020 as a gift to her daughter Charlotte on her first birthday.

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Aniefre Essien, MBA ’13


“Bootstraps” explores the journeys of Black men that have triumphed over adversity, and whose stories serve as roadmaps for others who dare to be great. Essien says that their journeys are not easy, but quitting is not an option and victory is attainable.

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Ian Fitzpatrick, MBA ’95

World Footprints

“World Footprints” is a multi award-winning social impact travel media organization where travelers of conscience and culture can come for information, engagement, education, entertainment, and inspiration in the travel space. It was created on the philosophical principle of “Ubuntu”, a Zulu word meaning “I am because we are,” and is a safe space for all voices to be heard, including those from underrepresented and marginalized communities. The community welcomes uncomfortable conversations, seeing them as opportunities to foster growth, and cross-cultural understanding.

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George Wu, MBA ’16

Navigating the Rise

“Navigating the Rise” was created to bring awareness to Asians and to also recreate misperceptions of Asians in the United States. This podcast works to “shatter paradigms” by awakening cultural consciousness. The podcast also explores the intricacies of various Asian cultures to better understand their behaviors and beliefs.

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