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JUST IN: Michigan Ross Full-Time Class of 2022 Sets Records for Offers, Acceptance Rates, and Median Salary Packages


It was a record-breaking year for the most recent graduating class from the Full-Time MBA Program at the Ross School of Business, according to the newly released employment data.

In fact, the Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Class of 2022 set many records: 

  • 99% of graduates received job offers three months after graduation.
  • 98.4% of graduates accepted jobs within three months of graduation.
  • Graduates landed a $165,000 median salary. 
  • Graduates received a $192,270 median salary package.
  • 42.2% of graduates went into consulting.

“We are thrilled to announce the employment results for this year’s Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA graduates,” said Heather Byrne, managing director of the Career Development Office at Michigan Ross. “These record-setting results for acceptance rates, offers, and salaries reflect the exceptional quality of our students, the hands-on experiences they receive at Michigan Ross, and the depth of support and connections our Career Development Office provides them.”

The Class of 2022’s $165,000 median salary represents a $21,000 increase over the Class of 2021, while the median salary package was also up nearly $21,000 versus the previous year. The graduates also received an average $30,000 signing bonus, which matched the strong results of the year’s graduates.

While the highest number of Full-Time MBA graduates went into consulting, many others chose to pursue positions in tech, healthcare, financial services, and consumer packaged goods. In addition, 15.3% of the class went into social impact or sustainability roles, up from 10% of last year's graduating class. 

McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., Boston Consulting Group, and Amazon, were among the top employers of grads, along with PepsiCo, EY-Parthenon, Deloitte, Microsoft Corp., and JPMorgan Chase & Co. In addition, 23% of all graduates and 55% of consultant hires were made by MBB (McKinsey, Bain, and BCG).

Keeping in line with previous years, two-thirds of the Class of 2022 landed jobs on the East Coast, West Coast, or in Chicago. Of the offers and acceptances, 85% were school-facilitated by the Career Development Office or sourced on campus. 

“Michigan Ross strives to equip our Full-Time MBA students with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experience they need to not only to be successful in their chosen post-graduation career paths, but also stand out to potential employers,” said Brad Killaly, associate dean of Full-Time MBA Programs at Michigan Ross. “We believe this year’s tremendous employment results really demonstrate that we are delivering upon those important endeavors.”

The newly released employment data also covered internship data for the Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Class of 2023. The top industries for MBA summer internships were also consulting, tech, financial services, and healthcare. The employers who hired most interns from the class were also similar, with Amazon, McKinsey, and Bain topping the list.

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