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Meet The ‘Real Humans’ of the Michigan Ross Weekend and Online MBA Programs


MetroMBA featured students in the Online MBA and Weekend MBA programs at the Ross School of Business as part of its “Real Humans” series. This series highlights each student’s accomplishments, with a focus on the intersection of their education and career.

The WMBA Real Humans featured were Shaylyn Stanley, a Los Angeles native with a professional background in international development; Tianhao Guo, an automotive engineer from Toronto; and Manu Mehta, who is originally from India and has a software engineering background. The OMBA Real Humans were Robbin Lee, an event planner from Baltimore; and Shayne Adler, a San Francisco native with a background in law.

MetroMBA asked each student why they chose a part-time MBA program at Michigan Ross and the factors that influenced their decision to attend.

“Ross offers infinite opportunities to apply what we learn outside of the classroom whether through case competitions or MAP, something that was important to me coming from a less traditional background,” said Stanley. “Further, I wanted to stay at my current role in the DC area, so I was looking for a program that would allow for that flexibility.” 

Guo said his decision to attend Michigan Ross was influenced by positive experiences with Ross alumni in his career. “In my previous company, Ross MBA graduates were always the most innovative and hands-on leaders. Seeing that impact, I knew that was what I wanted for myself, so I applied for Ross without hesitation,” he explained.

When asked about what surprised them most about Michigan Ross, Lee said that she was intrigued by the variety of backgrounds of her classmates. “It’s a nice surprise as I think I can learn a lot from my classmates who have very different backgrounds, and I too can bring a unique background in the nonprofit social impact sector to the classroom,” she said. 

MetroMBA also asked students why they chose to attend business school at this point in their lives. 

Adler, who is a full-time mom with a legal background, explained that she was ready to re-enter the workforce but was concerned her skills had grown stale since her last office job. “Business school has been the perfect way to not only refresh my skills and network, but also to formalize what had previously been an ad hoc education in management,” she said. 

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