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Michigan Ross Announces New Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate Development


The Ross School of Business — in partnership with the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and School of Kinesiology — has launched a minor in real estate development.

The Real Estate Development Minor will allow undergraduate students at Michigan Ross to supplement their core business major with broad knowledge about making substantially better metropolitan developments.

The 15-credit minor is designed for undergraduates interested in making a positive social impact in real estate development. Through the minor, students will learn how to take a progressive approach to the business of real estate development, gaining the necessary skills and experience to incorporate real estate and market fundamentals to address issues of inequality, sustainability, and conservation. 

“We are incredibly excited to be able to offer the Real Estate Development Minor to our undergraduate business students in partnership with Taubman College and the School of Kinesiology,” said Norm Bishara, associate dean of Undergraduate Programs at Michigan Ross. “The new minor not only addresses the growing student interest in real estate offerings at Ross, but it also reflects the multidisciplinary approach to our BBA program as well as our mission to build a better world through business and education.”

The new program will draw on the university’s diverse faculty expertise, alumni in the real estate profession, and global prominence to guide students in integrating disciplines that shape the built and natural environment and enhance the quality of life for a broad range of populations. With U-M’s proximity to Detroit, the program also will focus on creating sustainable, healthy places that reduce environmental impact, enhance choices for people of all incomes, and investigate possibilities for enhanced walkability and prosperity.

Through the minor, students will learn and be engaged in debates and innovations about building sustainable places; minimizing ecological footprints; building a sense of place and motivating investors to care about the quality of the built environment; and feel proud of their role in co-creating equitable places.

The Real Estate Development Minor is a part of the growing number of offerings available to students alongside the new Weiser Center for Real Estate at Ross. The minor is currently available to students enrolled at Michigan Ross, Taubman College, and the School of Kinesiology. 

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