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Michigan Ross One-Year Master’s Class of 2022 Experiences Record-High Job Acceptance Rates, Competitive Salary Offers With Leading Companies


The newly released 2022 employment data for the Master of Accounting, Master of Management, and Master of Supply Chain Management programs show that Ross School of Business graduates continue to earn competitive salaries and find employment with desirable companies across industries.

Master of Accounting

The Michigan Ross MAcc employment data show that graduates received strong offers and experienced a record-high job acceptance rate, with 100% of reporting students accepting a position within six months of graduation. Of the Class of 2022, 77% were hired by a Big Four accounting firm — PwC, Deloitte, EY, or KPMG — up from 74% in 2021. Seventeen percent accepted a role with a social impact or sustainability element.   

Graduates earned a mean base salary of $66,000 up 10% from last year. 

Master of Management

The Michigan Ross MM employment data show that graduates explored career paths across a wide variety of industries and functions. Graduates were hired among 103 companies, including Accenture, The Walt Disney Company, and Amazon. Consulting, media and entertainment, and tech were the most popular industries, with 24%, 23%, and 18% of graduates going into those industries respectively. Twenty-one percent of graduates accepted a role with a social impact or sustainability element. 

An all-time high 100% of reporting students received job offers within six months of graduation, and 99% accepted their offer in that time. Additionally, 100% of international students accepted an offer within six months of graduation. The median base salary they received was a record high $74,500. 

Master of Supply Chain Management 

The Michigan Ross MSCM employment data show graduates earned competitive compensation with a number of leading companies. Reporting students from the Class of 2022 saw a record high mean base salary of $110,000, compared to $84,000 in 2021, and a job acceptance rate of 97% within six months of graduation. Additionally, 98% of international students accepted a job offer within that same time frame, with 89% hired by companies in the U.S.

The number of hiring companies was 39 and included many sought-after employers, such as Amazon, Boeing, McKinsey, and Nike.  

Comprehensive career development support, strong academic foundation  

“We are pleased that Michigan Ross OYM graduates remain competitive in today’s job market and are recognized as strong candidates by the world’s top companies,” said Heather Byrne, managing director of the Career Development Office at Michigan Ross. “Our graduates have a wide variety of interests, skills, and desired career paths, and our coaches are committed to providing the support and resources that students need to achieve their professional goals.”

The Michigan Ross Career Development Office provides dedicated career coaches to all one-year master’s students, along with resume workshops, interview training, and more. 

“The Michigan Ross one-year master’s degrees continue to combine the leadership training, in-depth curriculum, and career development opportunities that translate into career outcomes for our graduates,” said Kaci Kegler, managing director of one-year master’s programs at Michigan Ross. “Having this strong academic foundation opens up unlimited possibilities for our students to make an impact in any organization and position themselves well for future career success.”

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