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Michigan Ross Professor Urges More Civility in Radiology


Leaders in radiology need to address a substantial problem of toxic workplace behavior in the field, Ross School of Business Lecturer Amy Young says in a new article

In a forthcoming article in the American Journal of Roentgenology, Young and her coauthors — Drs. Kimberly Garver and Vikas Gulani, both of the University of Michigan Department of Radiology — note that incivility among colleagues has been identified as a particular problem in radiology. This includes sexual harassment, racism, and bullying, as well as other negative behaviors.

“Such behaviors cause far-reaching detriment to the wellbeing, productivity, and retention of healthcare practitioners and the quality of patient care,” the authors write. 

They argue that leaders within the radiology field need to address structural factors, such as how performance is evaluated, that might contribute to incivility. But the authors also stress that leaders need to do a better job of establishing a positive workplace culture, and they suggest that leadership training could prove valuable.

“Going forward, we need to not only address incivility, but build purpose-driven, compassionate, and supportive workplaces,” the authors write.

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